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Plats Hoodie™

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No mask; no entry? ... No problem!

Plats Hoodie™

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Fumbling for a mask is not fun. Venture out. You're covered!

Plats Hoodie™

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Need a mask but you don’t feel like it?

Venture out. You're covered!


Masks are inconvenient: can’t find it, forgot it, searching is not fun.

Your back-up plan; it's so simple.


Plats Hoodie™

Disposable masks create unnecessary waste.

People love their Plats Hoodies!

"My son NEVER remembers his mask, but lives in a hoodie (on his skateboard). His words "this is cool"; he put it on and I don't think he has taken it off since. 🤣"

-Erika H. 

"I am completely blown away! I received my Platinum Platypus hoodie last week, and cannot say enough about the quality, the softness, and the convenience. And the concept is SO simple... your hood becomes your mask! It's perfect for when you're out walking and come into close contact with others, or if you have to unexpectedly run into a store and are caught without a mask. It's a snug fit, and the hood has a pocket where you can add an additional filter to triple-protect. I'm going to order some for my kids now (who LIVE in hoodies). Plus... IT WAS INVENTED BY KIDS! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!" (facebook review)

-Sonja M.

Can't find your face mask fast enough? PLATS HOODIE™!

During the Gold Rush, Levi Strauss reinforced work-pants with metal rivets to better adapt the gold-miners’ clothing to the tough working conditions. And Levi’s Jeans were born. Our Plats Hoodie is a product of our times, a modified hoodie that becomes a fast mask for your protection and the protection of others as well!

Platypus Pocket™


venture out! you're covered.